Vintage Mac is a Style Staple

  Go back in time to be fashion forward with a vintage mac, or Macintosh.  Everyone should own a mac, also known as a trench coat or a raincoat, because it is a versatile fashion piece that never goes out of style.  A mac can be dressed down with a nice pair of jeans and a blouse, or worn with a vintage evening dress.  No matter what the coat will be worn with, a quality vintage mac will last a lifetime.

A typical vintage mac coat has a belted waist, double-breasted cut and large lapels.  A mac is typically longer, making it a great option to wear over vintage skirts, dresses or trousers.  This style coat is great in any weather, although it is specifically made to wear in the rain.  A Macintosh and can be worn with any outfit.  Vintage skirts look fabulous when topped with a colourful blouse and a mac.

People that love wearing vintage clothing understand the timeless quality of these clothes.  Fever understands this too and is one of the top brands in the world that provides quality vintage clothing with a modern flair.  This clothing will be in style for years to come, making it a great investment to purchase clothing from Fever.  Macintosh coats are figure flattering, making it a great raincoat for all women.

If you purchase a 1950s vintage dress from Fever, consider purchasing a matching Macintosh and a sparkling necklace to make a brilliant outfit that is cover page worthy.  Fever knows style, and knows how important it is to provide stylish clothing for people that want to look good.  Fever also knows that a mac is a staple ingredient in a well-rounded wardrobe, so there are several versions of this timeless coat available in stores and on the Fever website.
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