Mad Men Fashion Mirrors Fever London

  The popular Mad Men television show is inspiring a whole new look in fashion that is sweeping the nation.  Fans of the show are flocking to Fever because we offer the same timeless vintage styles as seen on the popular TV show.  Mad Men fashion includes women’s vintage clothing such as 1950s dresses similar to that at Fever.

To prove the influence Mad Men fashion has on the world, Janie Bryant, Mad Men’s costume designer, has been nominated as one of the fashion industry’s most influential movers and shakers, by  Ms. Bryant has received this nomination because she has generated so much buzz and is changing the course of fashion with the way she is dressing the stars of the show.  The public is catching onto the Mad Men style, which is similar to Fever’s vintage 1950’s dresses.  As the Mad Men television show grows in popularity, so do the sales of Fever’s vintage evening dresses.

As one reads through Mad Men websites and blogs, one thing is for sure, fans love Mad Men style.  Even though the show is known for using more drab colours so that they allow the personality of the characters to shine, the public loves the look.  Designers are taking these hints and then using them in their own designs.  Any fashion-savvy person can look through the pages of a magazine and see vintage style influences on just about every page.

Fever has a unique way of taking vintage styles reminiscent of the Man Men style and adding a contemporary twist.  Mad Men fashion lovers see the similar styles that Fever carries and are buying their favourite clothing from us.  Evening dresses are one of the popular items that Mad Men fans are purchasing at Fever.  The styles and colours of our dresses are similar to those on the popular show and are flattering on any figure.
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