Fever Ladies Cardigans are Timeless

  Ladies cardigans are a timeless accessory to any woman’s wardrobe.  With various styles, shapes and colours, a women’s cardigan from Fever can be worn with anything from jeans to vintage dresses.  Fever carries a large line of vintage cardigans that will please even the pickiest fashionistas.  Expect compliments and some head-turning while wearing one of Fever’s fabulous ladies cardigans.

Pairing ladies sweaters with Fever accessories is a brilliant way to dress up a comfortable outfit and bring a daytime style into night.  With the versatility of a cardigan, it can be used to warm up during a chilly day, complement an office outfit, or frame elegant vintage dresses.  Choose purses that sparkle and necklaces that shine to make vintage cardigans even more spectacular.

While most ladies sweaters are only worn during the colder months, ladies cardigans are great anytime of the year.  Fever offers cardigans in a variety of materials, and colours that work from one season to the next.  Go ahead and wear your cardigan during the summer over a tank top, and then keep wearing it during the winter by layering it over a fantastic Fever blouse.  With the high quality materials Fever uses in all of its clothing, your favourite cardigan will last year after year, looking just like it did the day you purchased it.

Fever has been around since 1996 and is one of Britain’s most exciting fashion brands.  This innovative company is now moving into the international independent fashion markets and currently supplies independent retailers across Ireland, Canada, America and Australia.  Fever is quickly becoming one of the top international brands, most recognised for its personal twist on vintage clothing.  Its vintage clothing is suitable for all aspects of life, from home to work to play, including special occasion attire.  Soft, flowing fabrics with bright patterns rejuvenate the styles of yesteryear.  Fever’s vintage clothing UK is easy to wear, comfortable and stylish.  One of Fever’s most popular ladies sweaters is the cardigan.
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