WIN A dress... in our daydream travel competition



Win a dress ...any dress! You get to choose your own prize winning dress.

To enter: Tell us where you'd like to visit next and why...and we'll pick a winner at random on Friday 11th June at 4pm. Here are some examples from the team (everyone had an answer to this question)  but please note that you do not need to add a picture to enter! We did this just for fun:

I want to visit the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia - Emily in design

Emily wants to go to Croatia

I want to go to Vietnam to eat street food - Nao, international sales

Nao wants to go to Vietnam

I want to watch the sunset in California - Jess in accounts

Jess wants to go to California

I want to go to America on a road trip - Alice, art director and store manager

Alice wants to go to Califonia

I want to go to Iceland to see whales and glaciers - Natalja from international sales

Natalja wants to go to Iceland

I want to go to New York to see the sights - Jewell on the internet team

Jewell wants to go to New-York

Please comment on facebook or the blog with your answer and share with anyone else who likes to daydream about travel and new dresses! The winner will be announced on Friday 11th June at 4pm, via all of our social media routes.


All beautiful travel images are from Pinterest. See more of these on our Pinterest board of vintage travel posters.

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