Yoga Fever!

Last Thursday saw us hold our first in-store event of the year, Yoga. Taught by our very own Kate from International sales, this Dynamic Vinyasa class was held in the middle of the shop floor (don't worry all the clothing rails were pushed to one side) and consisted of 20 colourful Yoga mats being laid out all over our parquet floor! Before the class started we asked Kate a few questions...

Yoga night at Fever London

What inspired you to first try Yoga?

I started my yoga journey by going to Bikram with a  friend once a week back in 2005 and have since explored Hatha, Anusara, QiYoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket. After a few years of weekly yoga classes, in 2011, I attended my first teacher training. It was Katy Appleton’s teacher training foundation. I didn’t attend it with the intention of becoming a teacher, I was just hoping to deepen my own personal practice. For 2 weekends I was immersed in master classes, meditations and yoga philosophies that left me relaxed, energised and inspired!

Then I discovered Ashtanga. Thinking I was fit, I jumped into a full primary class. Boy was I surprised! By the end of the class I was covered in sweat and completely confused by what had just happened. However, as I lay in savasana totally humbled I found a relaxing and soothing sensation wash over me and I decided I needed this to happen to me more and thus began my journey with the practice.

'I love how the practice makes me feel physically invigorated and mentally calm. Yoga was recommended to me during a very difficult time and has helped me so much- both physically and mentally- to be stronger and more resilient to the challenges life throws up. It makes me feel better about everything and makes me be kinder to myself as well as others.'




How long did it take to complete your teaching course and what qualities do you feel you need to be able to teach a class?

You need a good solid consistent practice before you take a TT on.

The best teachers I think are students themselves and will always keep going to classes themselves (even when they have a busy teaching schedule) to keep that side alive. To teach a class you need to put yourself in the students shoes, be warm, approachable and real.

If you speak from the heart I think it shows, and so always be honest and speak from experience in your teachings so your style and authenticity shine through.

 Kate from Skelyoga

What is your personal favourite Yoga positon?

I have good upper body strength and so love arm balances- my current favourite is Astavakrasana.

Can you explain an easy positon or exercise for de-stressing that one can do at home, work or on their commute even?

At home recommended mini routine: 3x sun salutation A’s, followed by forward fold, cow face pose, happy baby, a supine spinal twist and savasana ensuring you move with the breath.

At work focus on breath- pranayama is the very best yoga you can do anywhere and everywhere.

On the commute to & from work I recommend not holding on to anything on the tube or the train and using your core and your bandhas to keep your balance- it’s a great ab & balance workout.

I also recommend doing headspace to and from work- just close your eyes, headphones in, app on and give it 10 mins a day - you will thank yourself for switching off and the journey will seem a lot shorter- don’t be shy- it is an amazing app both for your sanity & self-care!

See more about the type of Yoga Kate teaches here.

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