Meet our new in-house model, Bianca

For the new season, we have a new in-house model, Bianca Valea. She was scouted on our shop floor, as in …she works in the shop and we kept asking her to try styles on before realising that she’d be absolutely perfect as our in-house model.

Fever London's in-house modell

We followed her around the shop with a notebook and pen (literally) asking questions to find out a little more about the beautiful Bianca.

Bianca Val;ea, Fever London in-house model

Bianca grew up in Transylvania, Romania and moved to London last summer. She started working at Fever London in August  and she splits her time between the shop floor and the studio where she’s been modelling the new collection.

What did you do before you started working at Fever London?

I had just finished the lead role in a film called ‘So bright is the view’ that’s been selected to show in the Moscow Film Festival and before that  I was studying Economics in Bucharest.

How would you describe your own style?

(We would describe it is as preppy Audrey Hepburn just like the picture below)

Audrey Hepburn in her trademark classic black


I usually opt for classic black or maybe navy, either jeans and a fitted cardigan or jumper or a very simple dress. I love black as it’s so easy to wear and I don’t really like to stand out. I always wear flat ballet shoes as I’m running around all day and can’t bear to be uncomfortable.  Last season, my favourite look was the was the Genoa Dress in black, a fitted, knitted style. This season I’ll be wearing the Bray cardigan with black jeans.


The vintage inspired, Bray Cardigan

What’s your beauty routine?

I take good care of my skins as it’s so sensitive, I use the Avene product range and use their thermal water spray and moisturiser but other than that I’m very low maintenance, the only make-up I wear is  concealer and mascara. As for my hair, well my mum cuts my hair in a straight line whenever she comes to visit, yes, pretty low maintenance.

The Fever London Deco Dress


What city do you find most inspirational to travel to?

Right here...London! I come from a very small town in Transylvania so to come to London, where it's so diverse and there's so much to do, it's really exhilarating. There's so much choice and so much going on. I love it here.


Thank you Bianca! You'll be seeing a lot more of Bianca with the launch of the new season. Coming soon....

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