In the Spotlight: Q&A with TV & Radio Personality Sarah Cawood

For this months 'In the Spotlight' feature we were very lucky to speak to TV and Radio personality Sarah Cawood (she is a blogger too!) about life lessons, style and where her ideal travel destination would be...


Sarah Cawood

Finish this sentence: The best thing about what I do is...

Talk for money. I just love talking and to actually get paid for what I love doing is amazing. As a host for the Heart East Anglia breakfast show, I get to finish early, which works out really well as I get to spend time with my kids and can make their tea and put them to bed - which is brilliant!


You have always had a very cool and quirky style - which we love! if you could choose any style from the Fever London AW14 collection to add to your wardrobe, what would it be and where would you wear it to?

I just love the Issi Fluffy Jumper, this is perfect for the cooler months and looks really cosy. You can dress it up or wear more casually, and the good thing is it will hide a multitude of sins! I would wear it with a simple pair of Black cigarette trousers or pencil skirt to dinner with friends. 


How would you accessorize your favourite Fever London style?

I would wear the some subtle dangly earrings or a plain stud, a statement bangle - some kitten heels and my favourite mulberry clutch. I would keep the accessories quite simple as the jumper makes quite a statement on its own!


Sarah Cawood Chicago



What is your daily beauty regime and what product from this regime could you not live without?

To be honest I don't actually have much of a regime in the morning as I have to be up so early to do the show, so I literally just use a baby wipe and just leave the house! I do always invest in a good night cream and swear by Estee Lauder's night repair cream, a decent nights sleep and loads of water to keep your skin looking fresh.


What is your mantra, or if you don't have one what would it be?

'Oh that's someone elses problem!' I try not to get too worked up about things and regularly say this to myself. It works.


Fever London love to travel, if you could pick anywhere in the world to escape to where would it be?

Belize, It is just beautiful and completely unspoilt AND was where the video for Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita' was located! It is off the beaten track and there are a lot of hidden gems there. It really is paradise!


Sarah Cawood 2


What advice would you give someone just starting out in the entertainment industry today, seeing as you have been in the business now for over 15 years?!

Learn to deal with disappointment, try to have a thick skin - there will definitely be some ups and downs in this industry but you have to try and keep your head above water and ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin.


If you had the chance what life lesson would you tell your sixteen year old self?

Try not to care what people think of you, you will make many friends over the years, some who will stick and some who won't - try not to worry about why people may not want to be your friend.


What three things inspire you?

Nature, my kids, inspiring people who have dealt with real adversity.




 Check Sarah's Breakfast show from 6.00am to 10.00am on Heart East Anglia!







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