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Rachael Handley and her two sisters, Emily and Jenny, have a shared passion for all things 'wedding'. So with a mutual ambition to try to something new, the sisters used their combined skills in event management, bridal floristry, bridal wear etc. to form their very own wedding directory/blog/ place for brides to turn to in their hour of need called BRIDEA (BRIDE + IDEA, get it?!) If you take a look over on their website you will see that they have a very snazzy and detailed 'about us' section with an actual flow chart of their story, we wanted to know more,  so we have sat down with Rachael to find out a little bit about how it all began...



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Bridea was formed by you and your two sisters, what is the best thing about working with your sisters?

Working with your sisters is similar to working with two more versions of yourself! We all want the same thing, to enjoy every day whilst also challenging ourselves. We all work very hard and love bouncing ideas off each other about ways that we can grow and improve Bridea. We get equally excited about bringing on new products and services too and it’s great to share that equal level of enthusiasm with each other. Plus we all share the same sense of humour and that’s so important when you’re working together all day.


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What important piece advice would you give to someone that wanted to create their own wedding directory/blog?

Create something that you would be interested in looking at and reading yourself as this may lead you to providing a service that may not yet be available. Another piece of advice would be to pay close attention to the behaviour of your visitors, you have to learn what they want from you, don’t assume you already know.



Finish this sentence: The best thing about what I do is…

Discovering fantastic wedding businesses and products that we genuinely love and then being able to provide a helpful service for women who are faced with the challenge of organising a great wedding. But on a personal level, being able to transform our ideas into a website that we would all want to use ourselves, this makes us very proud on a daily basis.


Fever London travel the world for vintage inspiration, where would your ideal travel destination be and why?

It would probably have to be New York, I was born in 1983 and Emily, Jenny and I grew up watching 80s films back to back so I would probably head there to eat some massive Pizza slices, try and find Duncan’s Toy Chest, take a trip down Wall Street, see the Ghostbusters building and if I had time pop in to see Carrie Bradshaw for a Cosmo or would be rude not to.



Name one beauty product could you definitely not live without and would be the first to recommend to your friends or readers?

We did a blog post a year or so ago about a great wedding business and when they saw it they sent me a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector to say thank smells and looks amazing so now I have to have it in my life forever, which may or may not be a good thing as it’s £18.00 a tube!



If you had the chance, what life lesson would you tell your sixteen year old self?

I would tell myself that great opportunities can come from anywhere so try not to worry about making the wrong decisions, just go towards what you enjoy, places you like being and people you like being around and good things will always come from it.



Sum up what inspires you in three words…

Successful Business Women.



Which style from our new AW14 ‘occasion’ collection would you choose to wear if you were a bridesmaid and why?

I’m in love with the Bella Lace Prom Dress in Navy and we can’t wait to add this to Bridea. The lace netting overlay is really unique and eye catching, plus it’s a style that suits a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The best thing about it is that you can wear this dress again and again!





How would you accessorize this style?

We love Navy for bridesmaids because it’s a colour that goes really well with Vintage style Jewellery. I would team this dress with a nice bunch of pale pink Peonies and then shoe wise you could either go for some nude shades or you have the option to add a splash of colour as Navy seems to go with everything, I’ve seen hot pink shoes work really well with Navy on a bridesmaid before.


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Bridea supply a discount code for Fever London bridesmaid dresses (BRIDEA15), So if you are in the midst of planning a wedding, know someone who is, or just want to look at at an abundance of wedding ideas then head to Bridea...


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