Fever Beauty: Get the 'Heritage' Look


London is our muse for our latest collections, 1940s ladylike silhouettes and eclectic elegance was the inspiration behind the 'Heritage' Collection. This glamorous era brought style to a new level of femininity and was all about victory rolls, wavy hair with striking red lips, a look many try to recreate now. Here are some tips on how we achieved these vintage looks during our 'Heritage' shoot…

11_Athena Top & Keats Trousers_05806_Folklore Fit & Flare Dress_118

The Hair

Elaborate curls and deep but soft and sloping waves were the go to hair styles of the 1940s and this is what we went for with Ellie. We raised the front section of Ellie's hair and back combed it to give it body, we added a little hair spray and then pinned back, with the ends being curled. We then tonged the rest of Ellie’s hair to create soft feminine curls. In some shots we used Accessories such a rose pinned to the side of her hair and tying a ribbon around her head with a bow also to the side.

The Make-up

The natural rosy look was popular in the 1940s, so with our model Ellie, we decided to go for hues of red with pink undertones for her cheeks. You could always go for bright pinks with fuchsia undertones if you prefer something a little more striking. We gave Ellie an exaggerated flick on her top eye lid using a black liquid eye liner to get the real ‘cat eye’ effect. We finished the look with a deep red for the lips, as lipstick shades were definitely more exaggerated in the 40s.

09_Roseanna Top_012

03_Marble Print Pocket Dress_164

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