The English Rose...

We love the style and glamour of screen sirens from across the pond, but today we have ditched Hollywood and have decided to pay homage to the English Rose. Here are a few snaps we have found whilst browsing Pinterest, we were very surprised to see some of these beauties were English, it's true, we promise...


Audrey Hepburn


ER- Audrey Hepburn



Elizabeth Taylor



ER - Elizabeth Taylor

liz taylor


Jean Simmons



Jeans simmons 2

ER - Jean Simmons


Joan Collins



ER  - Joan Collins

joans collins 3

Diana Dors



ER -Diana Dors

ER - Diana dors

Jane Seymore




ER- Jane Seymore

Julie Andrews



ER- Julie Andrews

Audrey and Julie Andrews

If you would like to see the full selection of English roses, check out our latest Pinterest board...

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