Fever Beauty: Immaculate Nails

Can you guess when and where the idea of painting your nails started? Nope, we couldn't either!  Well, the concept of the manicure actually began in India well over 5,000 years ago with the use of henna as a nail paint. We thought we would take a look through the different nail polish trends of some of the most iconic eras of all time, we won't go as far back as 5,000 years, but we will start with the 1940s...



Rita Hayworth nails

American cosmetic giant 'Revlon' was established in the 1930's and when the film industry turned completely technicolour, so did they.  The likes of Rita Hayworth (pictured above) and Ava Gardner were all big fans of the 'half moon manicure' mainly in red or pink, this is where the cuticle (half moon shape) was left bare or painted with a paler shade, some people also left the tip bare too and went for a long round shape.



 Marilyn Monroe nails


The 1950s was all about red, red and more red! There were all different tones of red on the colour scale, going from a blue tone red to the most famous blood red, modelled by Marilyn Monroe herself (pictured above). It was very important that your nails matched your lipstick, so if you had blood red lips, it was a must to have matching blood red nails too. Very glamorous!



bridget bardot

In the late 1950s trends started to change, with more colours besides red and pink emerging. Beauty as a whole became more experiemental in the 1960s and a spectrum of colour started to surface. Paler colours were the in thing (as Brigitte Bardot pictured above shows) and nails were generally not as long as they were in recent years, metallic silvers and bronzes were also all the rage and still are to this day!

Images courtesy of Pinterest, here are some vintage nail polish advertisements we have also found via Pinterest...

vintage nail ad 2
vintage nail varnish ad
cutex ad 50s
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