Fever Beauty: Get the '1940's' look

Victory rolls 2

Have you been trying to perfect a 1940's hairstyle? Would you love to sport victory rolls this summer whilst wearing your Fever London tea dress? Well fear not, Jessica, our friend from Powder Puffs and Pin Curls has provided her top tips on how to achieve the perfect rockabilly 1940's hairstyle...

Jessica's top tips

1940s hair is all about the victory rolls, small, large, half up, half down or all up this style is a definite statement.

1. To create victory rolls you will need heated rollers or tongs, a tail comb and some grips.

2. Section the hair from the ears leaving the back section and add the rollers in the two front sections, this gives body and makes creating the roll easier.

3. Once cooled remove the rollers and start to back comb the two sections with your tail comb, this helps the rolls stand up firmly and holds better.

4. Brush the hair up and smooth and roll with your thumb and finger and pin into place.

5. Fix with spray and enough grips for a good hold, and there you have great victory rolls! 

Catherine Victory rolls 3 This is an example of Victory Rolls a la Jessica, featuring Catherine from our Perfect Fit model shoot!


Style suggestion: Wear with the Provence Tea Dress to complete your perfect 1940's look!



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  • Velma
    Velma on June 5, 2014 at 10:47 am said:

    Thanks for these instructions and I will be wearing this look this coming weekend.

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