Postcards from Dahab

Tania in UK Wholesale has recently come back from a trip to Dahab, Egypt. From Sun, sea, camels and yoga, Tania had a great time and has shared with us her favourite snaps from her trip (which looked like paradise), along with some tips of the best places to visit in Dahab...


Tania loved....Camels. These were seen on her way to the ‘Blue Hole’ which is a submarine sinkhole around 130 m deep which she snorkelled over. Apparently it was very scary but had an amazing coral reef around the edges and is a very popular spot for scuba divers. The camels can take you on their back right up to the Blue Hole which is down a very bumpy dirt track north of Dahab.

Dahab camel resized

Tania went to... A fabric and light shop called ‘Why not’ – This shop was beautifully lit up every evening. Tania spent a good few hours in here shopping for souvenirs, she just loved the brightly coloured shutters above the entrance.

Dahab lights 2

Tania paddled.... In the clear waters, this image was taken from above the water! Tania and her friend Yucca took a Glass Bottom Boat out to the Laguna of Dahab and swam in the huge open ocean. This is an image of the coral reef which is scattered along the whole of the coast line of Dahab. We love how clear the water is, and her nail polish too!

Dahab foot resized

She loved looking at.... The contrasted colours, very bright aqua marines and blues against the gold rustic building!

Dahab palm tree 4

Her favourite shot from her Dahab photo album is of the....Boat and blue sea, she just loves the colours of  the old fishing boat moored on the shore.

Dahab the boat

A few more snaps from Tania's album...





Coral Reef



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