Fever beauty: Get the 'City' look

The streets of Sorrento and the 1960's were the inspiration behind our Spring Summer '14 'City' collection, and this is what we wanted to capture with our model Ellie's hair and make up during the shoot. Carl Stanley our hair and make-up stylist has provided you with his top tips on how to re-create the 'City' look below;


Carls top tips

1. Apply an extra-body mouse to damp hair and blow-dry in sections using a round-brush, wrapping each section on Velcro rollers as you go. Make sure hair is totally dry before setting on rollers to prevent it getting tangled. 

2. Leave to for about 15 minutes, and when hair is completely cool, take out the rollers.

3. Apply a volumizing hair powder at the roots to each section, gently backcombing each section using a flat bristle brush as you go. Flip your head forward so it is upside down, backcomb again, and spray thoroughly with an extra-body hairspray.

4. Throw your hair back, and with your flat brush smooth the surface, sweeping over to whichever side best suits your face.

5. Add a final spritz of spray to the front, sides and crown but don't spray the lengths so that your finished style has plenty of movement.


Carl bigging up ellies hairEllie head shot

Ellie City shot

A special thanks to Carl Stanley for providing your top tips! http://www.carlstanleymakeupandhair.co.uk/

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