Wedding Fair 2014 - Cakes, pretty hair and French jazz

We had a great time at our Wedding Fair last week, our store was full of scrumptious cakes created by Cakefully Yours, unique hairstyles and accessories by Alexyi Reneece and the dulcit tones (en français) a la The Jazz in Paris Project filled the air. We had a quick chat with each of our partners to find out a little bit more about them...

 Cakefully Yours

Leonor Trejero

His and Her cakes .... Leonor And her husband Simon launched Cakefully Yours in 2012. Leonor designs (and samples) the cakes and Simon bakes them. Simon has been a cake maker for over 20 years!

Her inspiration... Leonor regularly visits the V+A museum and takes inspiration from 19th century paintings, fashion, and architecture. She will experiment with different prints she sees and has even designed Fever London cakes using prints from our dresses.

Her motto... ''It is not for you... it is for them'' this is Leonor's mantra when simon is baking!

Her favourite movie... When Leonor is not designing cakes and being a mum, she likes to relax and watch retro movies like Cinema Paridiso.

Her favourite era... The 1960's as she loves the fashion.


Alexyi Reneece Unique Designs

Alexyi relaxing


About Alexyi... He has been styling hair for 15 years! He is full of creativity and it runs in the family as his mother was a seamstress.

Alexyi is... A visual conceptualist.

His inspiration...  Alexyi is not a follower of fashion and likes to create unique designs using his own vision. He is a big fan of the 18th century and the 'Marie Antoinette' look with powdered make up and big structured hair styles.

His favourite movie... When Alexyi is not styling hair or designing head pieces, he loves nothing more then watching comedy movies such as Mrs Doubtfire!

Interesting fact... Over the past few years Alexyi has created a number of unique head pieces (self taught!) used for fashion shoots and as occasion wear.

Alexyi Hair


The Jazz in Paris Project

Sharp side smile cropped



Eve formed... The Jazz In Paris Project when playing the Fringe festival in Edinburgh, in 2007.

Her inspiration... A great melody inspires Eve, as well as old romantic French sounds from the 1940's. Singers like Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker and contemporary singers like Lalah Hathaway and Grazyna Auguscik also inspire her singing.

Her favourite movie is...'The Hours' with Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore.

Her favourite era... The 40s, Eve was very excited when Alexyi gave her victory rolls when styling her hair!

Most interesting fact...

The Jazz In Paris Project have played as a duo at T in the Park and the House of Lords. They can also play as a trio, quartet and even as a solo act which is when Eve will play those cool French tunes on a lovely hollow body ukulele!

Check out their website-


Eve montage 2


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