Perfect Fit: Model Competition 2014 - Debs

Debs was the winner of the size 10 category of our Perfect Fit Model Competition. We had a chat with her behind the scenes of the shoot and this is what we found out about her...

Debs is... a stage manager at a theatre, which involves finding and making props plus managing a team of 5.

In her own words... Debs is  “a 32 year old fashion lover who enjoys shopping on the high street and mixing it up with bargain vintage and thrift finds”.

Her blog....Bang on Style is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog where she shares her love of vintage and bootsale bargains.

Her husband... is her photographer and he has learnt (on the job) to take the pictures for her blog.

Later that night...they were heading to dinner at Inamo where you can use your  touch screen table to order your meal, play battle ships and even book your cab home!

Her style... a unique blend of casual + high street + vintage touches + street style.

She wears... vintage jewellery to accessorize, usually something from the 1940s like a string of pearls.

The makeover from fresh faced to fabulous!

Debs and her husband arrive at the shoot
A fresh faced Debs


Mid hair and makeup
The rollers come out
The finished hair and makeup
Picture perfect!
Behind the scenes, striking a pose
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