Fever beauty: Flawless lipstick

Revlon Lipstick

Do you want a pout like Bardot? Or lips like Monroe?

To create the ideal vintage look, you first of all have to achieve the perfect pout, so for our SS14 shoot we were very lucky in enlisting the expertise of hair and make-up artist Carl Stanley. See his top tips below on the best way to apply the perfect shade of ravishing red or scrumptious scarlet.

Bridgett Bardot lips Naples-Prom-Dress-2MARILYN MONROE in New York (1955)

Carl's top tips:

Step 1. Ensure lips are well moisturised, apply a lip balm if necessary.

Step 2. Apply a small amount of foundation to lips for base coat. This helps staying power.

Step 3. Outline lips using lip liner which either matches the shade of the lipstick or is a shade lighter. Using a darker lip liner can make it look as though your lips are drawn on.

Step 4. Apply lipstick, always use a lip brush!

Step 5. Blot lips lightly with a tissue.

Step 6. Apply a second coat of lipstick.

Step 7. Hint- avoid top coats, these tend to dry out your lips.

carl and ellie resized and cropped

Carl perfecting our model Ellie's lipstick behind the scenes on our recent shoot!


With a special thanks to Carl Stanley;  Twitter: @carlyfarly69 http://www.carlstanleymakeupandhair.co.uk/


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