Tigerlilly does Twiggy

Fritha Strickland aka Tigerlilly Quinn is a Mummy, an Illustrator, a blogger AND most importantly a Fever London fan. We recently sent her our Twiggy Dress to review, here are her thoughts:

Fritha in Twiggy

fritha in twiggy x2

'Working from home means I do have the perfect opportunity to stay in my jammers all day, and believe me it is IS tempting. If it wasn't for the nursery run I could be tempted.. However I am of the mind set that dressing like you mean to work makes you more prone to actually getting on with things. By that I don't mean power suits and shoulder pads but just dressing well and put together seems to put my brain together also.

I am a big fan of dresses, in fact I only recently acquired my second pair of trousers and still feel a bit weird in them. Dresses are the easiest things to wear as they solve the problem of what top goes with what bottom. Sure you may have to think of a belt or cardigan but really you put on a dress and your outfit is made. So let's talk work wear, I own a number of dresses from the Fever London City collection but my favourite has to be the Twiggy dress. It such a flattering sixties cut but could easily transfer to an evening dress too. I wear it with a pair of simple black tights.'


My top three picks from the Fever London work wear collection would be:

The Pippa Dress - So Joan Harris/Mad Men!


The Molly Shift Dress - I am really into this mustard shade, and this cut is so flattering


Kensingston Top - If you are not a fan of dresses then this shirt is for you. Adore the colour and such a statement shape!


With special thanks to Fritha Strickland!




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