Postcards from Hong Kong

Our friends The Hayward Sisters have recently just returned from a tour of Hong Kong, here are a few snaps from their trip and a few pictures of them looking gorgeous in their Fever dresses:

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Hong Kong signage I heart Hong Kong


Shopping in Hong Kong 935969_10151882255864158_433964611_n

What did you do in Hong Kong?

We had five full-length shows, a radio interview and a pop up gig all in three days, but we still managed to fit in some sight-seeing!

We had some time to venture into deepest, darkest Mong Kok and visit the Ladies Market. We practiced our bartering skills and when we sung to the shop-keeper in Mandarin, we got a pretty big discount! We did cause a bit of stir as we were all wearing the same thing and had our 40s hair and make up on.

After two shows, we were straight home to bed – jet lag and exhaustion had finally set in!

The next morning we were up bright and early and decided to go up to The Peak. There’s a walking track around the top and we got some great snaps. Who knew Hong Kong was so green? It had a real jungle feeling to it and we were amazed by a big Indian rubber tree with roots coming down to the ground – very Tarzan!

What inspires you about Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a busy, hot, crowded city. Lots of neon lights, traffic and noise. But that’s just a small section of it.  We were amazed by how green it was. The plants we saw on The Peak were amazing and (we didn’t have time to go) there are beautiful beaches too.

There’s also a great mix of old and new. A lot of the old colonial buildings are still there and sit side-by-side with massive skyscrapers.

Your favourite place to eat, drink, shop, do?

We didn’t get a chance to explore the city’s restaurants and bars as much as we’d have liked, but we did venture into SOHO in between shows one day and ate at The Peak Bar on the Mid Levels escalator. The menu was fusion and our stage manager recommended the lychee martini, sublime!

We need to go back again when we have more time to experience the full extent of the shopping in Hong Kong. Again, there’s a great mix of old and new. Glitzy shopping malls and a few streets away old antiques and curiosity shops.





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