Phoenix Jeans - The review


We wanted to know what YOU thought of our Phoenix jeans...

We all know that finding the perfect pair of jeans involves trying on many pairs, so when we sent our reviewers their chosen jeans in their requested size, we knew we were putting them to the test. With a questionnaire in one hand and a camera in the other our reviewers rated the style, fit, comfort and quality out of 5 stars (with 5 being the best).

THE STYLE - Average rating 5/5

5 star

Kasia – ‘Very happy with the style. I was worried that skinny  jeans won't look good in size 18. I couldn't be more wrong. They feel and look great. I wore them with wedges, pumps and courts.’ 5/5

Gemma- ‘I love the simple style of the jeans. 5 out of 5.’  5/5

Elizabeth – Really liked the high waist and the skinny was nice and stretchy. 5/5

Rivka- I love the fit of the straight legs, they work very well for someone my size (I'm only 1.60meters)’ 5/5

Sofie- 5/5!’

Kerry-I really liked the style and it was something different to what I usually would wear.’   5/5

THE FIT - Average rating 4/5

4 star

Kasia- ‘FIT-almost perfect. They feel quite tight around my calves and look bit loose around my knees, but my partner assured me that it doesn't look weird.’ 4/5

Gemma- ‘Overall the jeans fitted very well. I love that they have a bit of stretch to them. I usually dread trying on jeans but these made me feel great about my figure.  I also love that they are a ‘true’ fit as many shops vary in that department. I did find them to be a bit too long in the leg but I am on the petite side.’  4/5

Elizabeth- It was almost perfect. The only gripe is that the slipped down on me a little or the waist was a touch high? Although I like it high, it just gathered a little around the crotch area. Otherwise great! They fit my small waist and big bum/hips really well!’ 4/5

Rivka – ‘Even though I realised I still need to lose some pregnancy-kilos (so the jeans were a little more tight than I wished, which was slightly embarrassing) I loved the fit of the jeans, and they fit around my butt perfectly (some jeans tend to stand open at the back).’ 5/5

Sofie - ‘I’ve only worn them once because the legs were too short and tight and the waist was too big.’ No rating provided.

Kerry - ‘They fit well around the hips/waist but were too baggy on me on the legs so were pretty loose. I'm probably a smaller size 6 but the overall fit was ok.’ 4/5

THE QUALITY - Average rating 5/5

5 star

Kasia – ‘Very good quality. Love the deep black colour and FEVER stamped button.’ 5/5

Gemma – ‘They seem to be good quality. Not too thick, not too thin. 5 out of 5.’ 5/5

Elizabeth – ‘Really great’ 5/5

Rivka- ‘Very, very good, they do not look and feel like cheap H&M jeans for example! 5!’ 5/5


Kerry – ‘The quality of the jeans were excellent, very stretchy and also soft to touch. I haven't noticed them fade in the wash.’ 5/5

THE COMFORT – Average rating 4/5

4 star

Kasia‘Comfortable enough!’ 4/5

Gemma- ‘Yes very. I love the slight stretch to them. 5 out of 5.’ 5/5

Elizabeth – ‘Yes. Only slight issue is the gathering around the back of my knee. I think they are slightly long and need to take an inch off the bottom. But I am 5ft 3 so that’s understandable. Otherwise super-comfy and stretchy.’ 4/5

RivkaDefinitely! And lovely and warm which is great for the cold weather. 5!’ 5/5

SofieI'm so sorry for saying this, but i don't think I will wear the jeans once more because they were too tight' No rating provided.

Kerry – ‘They were very comfortable even though were baggy at the back.’ 4/5


With special thanks to our reviewers, Kerry (size 6), Sofie (Size 8), Rivka (size 10), Elizabeth (size 12), Gemma (Size 14) and Kasia (size 18) and Caroline (size 16) please do get in touch with your review!


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