A flow chart of creativity

From original vintage inspiration to the finished garment, a flow chart of creativity:

Vintage inspired

Portland, Oregon:

The home of  vintage! With more vintage stores per square mile than anywhere else in the world. An obvious location for Creative Director, Matt, to visit on a sourcing trip. Here we found this beautiful, 50s shift dress in a newly opened vintage boutique. The double layered skirt and bow detail on the waist really caught our eye and got us thinking...


Back at the office, the design team get to work, sketching shapes  based on the original dress that evolve into the drawing you see here.  After a few weeks of sourcing fabrics, sessions with the fit model, samples sent back and forth, discussion, emails, phone calls and finally a sigh of relief and admiration, the finished garment arrives.

Isle of Wight:

The Spring Summer shoot took place on a wet, windy few days in November and here is model, Ellie, in the finished dress. The style name 'Juliette' is reference to Romeo and Juliette as we fell in love at first sight when we saw the original vintage dress, all the way back in Portland.

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