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We are very lucky here at Fever as Sonia from the very popular and insightful wedding blog ‘Want that wedding’ has given up some of her precious time to guest blog for us and answer some very important ‘big day’ questions…sonia wedding

You and Chris did a wonderful 1930’s style wedding day, what was your main inspiration behind your vintage wedding day and how did you go about planning it?

Chris and I were mainly inspired by the Art Deco period - Chris was inspired from a design perspective and i was totally in love with the whole 'look' from that era.

I would love to say that I was this über organised bride with a plan and a million and one spreadsheets but I wasn't... We had 9 months to plan the wedding and I had a little planner a friend bought me. The most important part was finding the right venue for the look and feel of our wedding and the number of guests we wanted to invite. This wasn't an easy process... but once we found an amazing venue and made a few compromises the rest of the wedding could be planned!

When I think back to researching wedding inspiration it makes me laugh at how clueless I was! I didn't even know wedding blogs existed... So I literally googled everything and would copy and paste the images into emails to family and friends. Once a few decisions were made I would print off my favourite images and take them to my wedding supplier to show them my inspiration.

Nowadays, it's so easy to 'pin' all your favourite images from your favourite blogs and just turn up to your supplier with an IPad. The tricky part is whittling down all your ideas as unfortunately, you can't do everything *sigh*.

What are your top tips for other brides planning a vintage-inspired celebration?

My advice would be to not obsess over what is and what isn't vintage, it's ok for your wedding not to be authentically vintage! Modern vintage uses 'vintage' ideas to influence your wedding day but twists them with modern colour schemes and ideas. Don't be afraid to be you and incorporate the ideas that you and your other half love.

When you tried on your dress did you know it was the one?

Yes, yes and YES! I had the most wonderful experience in the Jenny Packham flagship store. The sales assistant told me straight off the bat that she knew which dress was for me. I tried on 10 dresses and number 9 was 'the one'. She had written number 9 on a piece of paper and said that number 10 was to show me how much I loved number 9!

Is there anything that you were surprised to learn about yourself during the planning process?

That I'm a bridezilla... Haha!

What is your favorite dress from Fever’s current collection?

For the day...http://www.feverdesigns.co.uk/margate-prom-dress-navy.htmlss13_margateprom_dress_navy_f - copy

And as a bride... http://www.feverdesigns.co.uk/opal-empire-gown-gold.htmlss13_opal_empire_gown_gold_f - copy

How would you build it into a vintage wedding day theme?

Oooh this dress makes me think of summer and secret gardens parties. I'm thinking a relaxed outdoor wedding with pretty marquee and twinkling lights, picnic blankets and hampers, yummy cocktails, old fashioned lawn games. For the colour scheme- a vintage dusky pink, creams and pale golds (very romantic) parasols, gloves and soft vintage curls.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Excitable. Bubbly. Kind.

Name one blog you follow religiously

I love Chic Vintage Brides, she has impeccable taste!

Check out wantthatwedding blog for their competition where you could be in with a chance of winning yourself a Fever wedding dress..



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