Verity & Violet: Wedding plans

 Verity & violet  wearing the Opal Empire Gown

'Verity & Violet' are a sparkling vintage-inspired singing duo, mixing the old with the new.  Right up our street! Here they are looking all Gastby inspired in  the Opal Empire gown.

We had a chat with Loui, the brunette of the duo, about her up-coming wedding plans. 

What was the main inspiration for your big day?

Alice in Wonderland, teddy bears picnic and lights! Not specifically the same story and characters, we just love the idea of creating a magical forest with oversized, eclectic furniture. We also love giant carnival/marquee letter lights so there will be a few of those dotted about.

How have you found the whole planning process and what have you found most useful for ideas; wedding blogs, magazines, exhibitions etc?

I'm slightly worried that it's only two months away and we still seem to be fairly relaxed, despite the fact that there is still a lot to do! We arranged the important stuff out straight away, like venue, food/drink and somebody who can legally marry us! Everything else is decoration, I think! I use Pinterest all the time, it's amazing for getting visual inspiration. Brides Magazine is also brilliant.

Has anyone else been helping you plan, family members, friends.. hubby to be?!

Everyone seems to be trying to chip in more than me and hubby to be, even though we regularly tell them to calm down! It's great to have people to help though, our folks have been great.

Have you chosen your first wedding song, if so what is it? (or is it a surprise)?

Surprise!! Sorry. Our guests might be reading this before the big day and I wouldn't want to ruin it for them.

Where have you picked for your honeymoon and what was the reason for this destination?

Vegas, San Fransisco, Mauritius or Greece! Or Bali! It has been our biggest (and still to be chosen) decision. There are too many amazing places to pick one. Hopefully we will pick one before the wedding!

Listen to Verity & Violet's show tunes here.
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