Kate's wedding plans

Kate & Richard

Kate (Head of International Sales at Fever) is getting married to her fiance, Richard, this summer and we've been  talking to her about her wedding plans...

What's the style inspiration for your big day?


We got engaged at the Olympics in London, met here and have lived together for 2 years here so the location was a no-brainer: it had to be a London wedding!


On the very same day I announced my engagement I was given wedding magazines by my big sister & a few days later I started a mini mood board of things I liked. Then, little by little, I added pics to this from my favourite blogs and pretty quickly I came up with my ideal dress, the perfect venues and my colour theme.


I guess I was inspired by my childhood in Spain, my love of Vintage and my love of London. Wherever possible, I have tried to make sure my day involves elements of both our personalities, things we both love and lots and lots of family; my sister is my maid of honour, both my brothers are walking me down the aisle and my nieces are my flower girls!


How have you found the whole planning process and what have you found most useful for ideas; wedding blogs, magazines, exhibitions etc?


Honestly? I think it is the best and most stressful thing ever. I am doing a lot myself: favours, decorations, flowers, cakes and it is very hard to visualise how it will all come together in my head.

My venue has been pretty great so far and let me go in and measure and play around with things but I am still worrying about how it will all gel on the day.

Wedding blogs have been my favourite source of ideas and entertainment these past few months.

StyleMePrettyrocknrollbride and Want that Wedding are all amazing and been the inspiration behind numerous plans I have!


I also was given Elizabeth Demos’s book Vintage Wedding Style for Christmas and have loved using this throughout my planning too.


Has anyone else been helping you plan, family members, friends.. hubby to be?!


Ok, so this is what nobody tells you when you get engaged: boys hate talking about weddings! I recommend you agree on a day a week and stick to talking about it only then as wedmin is never-ending…


Planning a wedding is mostly a man-free zone but luckily Trine (my BFF), my sister and my mum have been heavily involved in dress shopping, decoration sourcing & creating and generally calming my nerves (the hardest job of all!).


A word of warning, ladies, unless it involves a spreadsheet and decisions on the budget I think it is the girl’s domain!


Have you chosen your first wedding song, if so what is it? (or is it a surprise)?


Afraid I cannot share this- sorry! But it is a song we got together to and makes most sense to us.


Where have you picked for your honeymoon and what was the reason for this destination?

TBC- will keep you posted peeps… but as this is the groom’s domain it is likely to be a last minute thing, hopefully to somewhere hot and exotic with plenty of adventure!

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