Spring Summer 2013: planning the shoot

Alice, at Fever HQ, is responsible for planning and directing the shoots for the brochure and website. She works closely with Cressida and the design team and Fever's Creative Director, Matt, to illustrate the concepts behind the collections and build the image for the season. We asked Alice more about her role...

How do you begin to plan the shoots?

Matt will give me an idea of the overall direction and I will build a mood board for each of the four collections. I'll meet with Simon the photographer to discuss concepts and locations and will then go and visit them and take pictures. We've worked with Simon for years now and love how collaborative the shoot process has become.

What location did you visit for this season?

The SS13 shoot took place on the Isle of Wight with locations including English country gardens and coastal scenes.

What's the best part of your job?

I love the first couple of hours into the shoot when you start to see the ideas come to life. It's great to see it all as you had imagined or even better!

And the worst part?

The challenges are usually weather related. We shot this in June yet there was torrential rain and gusting winds on day one of a three day shoot. The sign of a great model is someone who can act as if they're in 80 degrees sunshine when its freezing and they're covered in goose pimples.

The worst case scenario on a shoot was a couple of seasons ago when we were all on location, set to start but the models didn't turn up as they'd been scheduled to arrive the following week (huge error by the booker). Nothing usually matches this level of disaster so we can deal spot of rain.

What goes on when the shooting finishes for the day?

The team stayed in a holiday cottage and we spent our evenings having dinner at the local pub. The 'wrap party' if you can call it that, consisted of a few shots at the bar followed by a game that involves tearing a cereal box up with your teeth. Oh the glamour!

Where would your dream shoot location be?

Either on the roof tops of sky scrapers in NYC at night or in Park Guell in Barcelona as I love Gaudi's work.

What's your next project?

As we return from a shoot and unpack our cases, we are working on the next and my desk is covered in tear sheets, sketches, post it notes and empty jaffa cake boxes as we plan the next season's shoot on the ever moving wheel of Fever fashion.

To see the full shoot, view the brochure here.

The Collection - Botanical Garden
Occasion - Mademoiselle
Easy Living - Riviera Resort
City - Main Street
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