Chris Shu's Review

We asked our stateside fashion writer friend, Christopher Shu, what he thinks of the latest collection. What frocks does he thinks rock and where should they be worn...

Who are you?

Christopher Shu started writing professionally in 2008. He has been a writer for "New York Moves" magazine, serves as a correspondent for "The Michigan Review" and blogs about fashion on an art/design website. Shu studies French and Polish at the University of Michigan.

What Chris says...

Fever’s 2011 Spring/Summer Collection is dedicated for some fun under the sun, with a clean look and vibrant splashes of color.

Neapolitan Dress in Spearmint

The Neapolitan dress is simple yet colorful enough to wear on its own for a casual dinner with friends or a walk through Central Park, yet can be dressed up with a simple necklace or bracelet. The bright pink and spearmint Neapolitan dress is reminiscent of the vibrant colors of the Pacific while the orchard colored dress seems French inspired.

Ivy Dress

Fever does something incredible by creating dresses that are sophisticated yet playful, like their nude Ivy Dress. The flowers and ruffles give the dress a whimsical nature – perfect for any spring day. Paired with the Marble Necklace or Deco Bangle, the outfit looks complete with an added layer of complexity.

Laurent Spot Dress

Usually spots on a dress are a hard design to sell but the Laurent Spot Dress, perhaps an ode to the 1950’s couture of elegance, does polka dots good, combining modernity with vintage, like something Audrey Hepburn would wear in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Detroit Chiffon Dress

The orange Detroit Chiffon Dress is simple, which gives you an excuse to dress it up in a white belt with yellow daisy buckle or for a more sophisticated feel, with black heels or a slim black belt, though may be too simple on its own.

Claudia Dress

The centerpiece in this case belongs to the Dusty Pink Claudia Dress. The black accents give the dress a certain intricate accent but in no way takes away from it. The color and style can’t help but bring to mind the iconic Chanel-inspired dress suits worn by First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

Lulu and Matoid Pencil Dress

Timeless yet fun come to mind when describing Fever’s 2011 Spring/Summer Collection. Taking vintage and classic pieces and giving them a modern spin by popping them with color or adding an extra layer of complexity, Fever creates a powerful and memorable look that will remain timeless.

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