1950s Vintage Dresses Inspired by a Younger Generation

  As the 1950s rolled in, the fashion shifted from conservative matrimonial styles to hipper designs for younger people.  In earlier years, young girls would dress like their mothers, but in the 50s young people wanted to set themselves apart from the older generation and a 1950s dress was fun and flirty.  Clothing that was easier to maintain also inspired the idea of having a bigger wardrobe and just like today, teens enjoy having a large selection of clothing.  Soon, teenagers became the voice of fashion, looking for ways to stay youthful and vibrant, which still continues today.

Women’s vintage clothing has always held a place in fashion because these designs are classic and timeless.  1950s dresses show a youthful look with shapes, colours and fabrics never seen before in clothing.  However, they were expensive when first appearing at the Festival of Britain Exhibition of 1951, and these new designs were considered luxury items.  It was not until the Marks & Spencer chain stores produced ready to wear clothing, making 1950s dresses in styles seen at festival, that these dresses were attainable to the general public.  New synthetic materials were also introduced at this time; making 1950 dresses easier to make and care for.  Similarly styled 1950s dresses now grace Fever stores and websites.

Fever has taken 1950s vintage dress styles and added a contemporary edge, making timeless designs that fit into anyone’s wardrobe.  Using the same high quality materials, and classic styles, Fever has added contemporary patterns and flair to revive 1950 dresses into one of the most sought after dress styles of today.  Fever’s 1950s dress styles reflect the immaculate look reminiscent of the day.

Fever is a vintage clothing store that knows just how to create fabulous attire that fits well and is flattering while being comfortable.  Fever’s 1950s vintages dresses are no different.  With two stores in London and independent retailers across the world, these fabulous 1950 dresses are easily attainable by anyone looking for a fun, refreshing, vintage-inspired style.
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