We’ve had such a great reception to our Autumn/Winter 16 Collection and we hope you love wearing our latest styles as the weather gets colder. However if you’re anything like us you will already be dreaming about next year’s summer holiday, so we thought you’d like to have a sneak peek at what we have in store for you for Spring/Summer 17.

Inspired by sourcing trips to Reykjavik, Denmark, Portugal and as always our home town of London, our design team have found some amazing vintage treasures, translated them into present day classics and given them our very own Fever London twist. Featuring nostalgic prints, romantic florals, eye-catching brights and timeless silhouettes, we’ve made sure our latest collection will be too tempting to resist!

We find the creative process followed by our talented design team fascinating – what inspires them and how that gets translated into the final pieces that make it into our collections. What catches their eye might be a stunning vintage dress but equally a pattern on a tile, peeling paint on an old door or an iconic London landmark all provide invaluable sources of inspiration for their designs.

So here’s a preview of what inspired our Spring/Summer 17 Collection starting with mood boards, then sketches of our designs and finally the finished article. The delicate balance of blending vintage styling, global trends and a quintessentially British flavour is effortlessly carried through to this collection of timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion.

Mood board: Edgelands
Relaxed style with a feminine underpinning, nostalgic prints and delicate pastels.

edgelands MOOD BOARD

Moodboard: High Summer
Eye-catching brights, tropical influences.


Mood board: Pause
Clean, flowing lines, timeless silhouettes, contemporary textures.


SS17 Preview

SS17 collage

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