Vintage #NYC


One of the vintage fashion capitals that we visit for inspiration …from antique jewellery to street style scenes and #printspireus patterns, the city itself kick starts creativity for the next collection.

Here are some of our favourite vintage locations plus where we like to sleep, eat and drink.

The NYC Big Flea

This was the first of these shows in NYC, held at Pier 94, and it was amazing. From kitsch kitchenware to Bakelite bracelets, retro furniture to all decades of fashion. We loved the antique jewellery, which gave us some great ideas for decorative detailing.


NYC big flea


Vintage kitchenware


New York Vintage

This is the place you visit if you’re, for example, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga or Rhianna and you want to wear vintage Oscar de la Renta, a 1920s showgirls head piece or a 1970s diamante bikini top  on the red carpet. It also has a regular section of the store in Chelsea for lesser known people i.e. me and you, with a stunning selection of beautifully curated vintage fashion. Check out the film and TV accolades on the walls as you enter, it’s a first port of call for film and TV stylists and vintage gems from the store have been used in Madmen and The Great Gatsby plus many more.


Williamsburg Flea

We found some gems here on this trip including a stylish silk blouse from the 1920s, vintage denim work wear and several vintage globes and stuffed moose heads…. A new addition to the office deco? This location is now closed for the season and has moved to a new location at Fort Greene, Brooklyn.






Olde Good Things

One of the best architectural salvage stores we’ve seen and it has four locations across Manhattan. We visited their new Bowery Street store where we found the most amazing vintage lockers and a pink elephant that we considered shipping back for the shop. Love the idea of a pink elephant print on a skirt, what do you think?


Pink elephant


The Family Jewels

For three decades this vintage mecca in Chelsea has offered its colourful collection of 50s, 60s and 70s fashion. We love to catch up  with Maki who is always immaculately styled in full vintage. We loved the 1950s knitwear in candy colours and pretty floral house coat.


Retro Lady


Where to sleep, eat, drink in the big apple:


Sleep at...

The Bowery, this boutique hotel on the Bowery has an art deco inspired lobby and conservatory that offers a  retro luxe haven from hustle and bustle outside. Sit quietly and you’ll hear the chit chat of Manhattan’s movers and shakers planning movies and music while drinking mojitos.  The rooms are light, bright and surprisingly large for NYC, perfect for planning the new collection.


The Bowery



Drink at...

The Whythe hotel,  a renovated waterfront factory building built in 1901. Standing on the rooftop bar and watching the sunset over Manhattan ….is one of the best ways to spend an evening.




Eat at...

Allswell on Bedford Street

Williamsburg’s main street is a hotspot of gastro style and substance, you’ll be spoilt for choice looking for somewhere to eat. We decided on, after much debate, Allswell…and it most definitely was. Attracted by the pine panelled walls and vintage wallpaper this gastro pub/ restaurant takes its food as seriously as craft beers.




Where do you love in NYC for either vintage shopping or places that you’d recommend for us to visit next?



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