Fever Beauty: Get the 'City' Look

For our 'City' collection, we wanted to standout against the skyline, so our inspiration behind the collection was 1960s London, mixing 60s inspired statements with modern textured fabrics. We wanted to recreate the essence of this era with the iconic beehive hair, bright colours and experimental make up, check out how we tried to capture this on our 'City' shoot..


11_Albers Dress_074

The Hair

For the hair, we wanted to recreate the beehive style that was so popular in this era. To do this, you will have to section off your hair so you have the half up half down effect, tong it using a curling iron to create soft, feminine waves and then back comb and spray, once to the height you want it, pin using same colour grips. This will then give the hair body at the top, thus creating a beehive effect. To finish off, tong the remaining section and spray accordingly.

The Make - Up

For the make up, we wanted to mainly focus on the eyes and make them standout. As per the make up trends of the 60s, we wanted to experiement with colour and truly capture the essence of the era. You can recreate this look by starting with a ligher eye shadow for the base of the eyelids, then add a darker shade at the crease of the lead ensuring to create a 'flick' effect at the ends. Do not blend these colours together, as you want a definitive line contrast in the colours. Then add a thick black layer of liquid eye liner for the top lid, ensuring you you flick at the ends to create a 'Cat Eye' effect. To finish off the look add a soft kohl liner to the bottom lid and a soft pale lipstick.

15_The Bray_069

Ellie close up AW14

01_Alexia DREss_024 1

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