Postcards from Paris (no. 3)

Nous aimons paris!

We were there a couple of weekends ago, visiting vintage boutiques, the flea markets and generally soaking up the atmosphere of style and elegance.

If you’re planning a trip there, here are some of our favourite spots:

Le Petit fer a Cheval

Best pavement cafe

One of the best places to be in Paris is Le Petit fer a Cheval, 30 rue Vieille du Temple. This tiny, stylish, retro look bar is the shape of a horse shoe and is the epitome of the Parisian bistro. The tables outside are perfect for people watching and the food is excellent. Just watch out for the hole-in-ground toilet, it’s best avoided but don’t let that put you off visiting the bar. The crowd is a mix of locals and tourists and the atmosphere just makes you want to move into one of the apartments over the road and spend all your time there, writing a novel and drinking vin rouge.


Best cocktail bar

We love a secret  speakeasy, even though they’re everywhere now and the locations are listed in Time Out, there’s still an element of achievement in finding  one. Especially if it’s involved trudging around the wrong  arrondissment with a large paper street map, looking more harassed tourist than Parisian hipster (the look you were going for by mainly wearing black). That aside, once you find Moonshiner by going to Pizza De Vito, 5 rue Sedaine, confidently stroll in and open the door to the walk in fridge at the back of the pizza restaurant. Through another door, you’ll find a relaxed cocktail lounge with jazz playing on the gramophone and a fabulous cocktail menu. The crowd is an eclectic blend of Kooples couples , geek chic and dapper gents.

Cafe Charlot

Best breakfast

You’d be surprised how many places can sell out of pain au chocolate in the morning…but not Café Charlot, at 3 Rue de Bretagne. This classic French brasserie with a 1950s style, serves a petit dejeuner of soft boiled eggs with soldiers and the obligatory pain au chocolate, by two waiters at a time so you feel as if your breakfast has arrived in a flurry of French precision and charm. We spent a lot of time discussing whether Keith McNally of Schiller’s, Balthazar and Pastis in New York had been here to inspire his bistro style restaurants or whether this was actually one of his. It’s not….but it’s so good, it could be The early morning clientele is mostly locals on mac books and a handful of tourists.. Just FYI,  No one will give you a look of contempt if you ask for ketchup.


Best for dinner

Les Philosophes at 28 rue Vieille du Temple (conveniently next door to Le Petit fer a Cheval and run by the same management team)  is an institution of French dining. The pavement seating is cosy, great for watching the world go by, less fun if your dining neighbours are smoking French Vogues. Highly accommodating waiters serve wonderful food … we ordered off menu which was no problem and if there are no free seats, they can sit you in a neighbouring bar while you wait. Order the steak tartare but make sure you know exactly what that entails (unlike one of our dining companions!)

Here are a few pictures from our recent trip, you can see more of our travel snaps on Instagram.

Parisian bric a brac Beautiful floor tiles Street sign in Paris The view from Sacre Cour Street scene in Paris True blue door Look up! It's so beautful

True blue door (no. 1)

Glass ceiling in Montmatre

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