We love Brixton Village

Here are a few of the things that we love about Brixton Village, Market Row and Station Road in Brixton...

French & Grace for their dark chocolate and espresso chocolate brownies and coffee.

The fresh fish and fruit and veg stalls.

Leftovers for it’s well curated, vintage fashion from Paris.

Beer from Brixton Brewery, brewed under the arches on station road.

Seven for mojitos and super stylish decor, colour co-ordinated book arrangements and suitcase shelves.

Rosie's Deli for it's eclectic style and large slices of carrot cake.

The Retro and Vintage Market on the third Saturday of every month, on Station Road. Check it out for retro shoes, vintage fashion and flea markert furniture.

Where else can you buy art, wigs, sardines, mops and mangos in one place while feeling like you’re at the beating pulse of Brixton? Not Sainsbury’s, that’s for sure!

Here are a few of the bright colours of Brixton Village that caught our eye.


Banana boxes at Brixton market

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