Fever Beauty: Get the 'Occasion' look

Our Spring Summer 2014 'Occasionwear' is a collection of event and evening wear that tells a story of nostalgia and romance. The fabulous Carl Stanley has provided us with his top tips on how you can look picture perfect for every invitation this season...


Carl's top tips

  1. I wanted to create a modern take on '50s ladies-who-lunch chic here. I used a dewy foundation to keep skin looking fresh, and a cream peach blusher for a sheer glow.
  2. On the upper lid I applied a black eye-shadow close to the lashes, which gives a softer effect than eyeliner.
  3. The lashes were curled before applying two coats of black mascara to upper lashes only. Matte red lipstick compliments the dewy skin, and will last longer than a glossier one, but be sure to apply a generous layer of lip-balm - before you start your make-up - to keep lips soft.
  4. After creating a side-parting in damp hair, I sprayed on plenty of surf spray before gently scrunch drying it. The hair was twisted into a French pleat at the nape of the neck and pinned, making sure to tuck in any loose ends and, using fingers, I roughened it on top and around the face to create an undone look, which is what gives this look its modern edge.


Ellie back of head

 A special thanks (again) to the lovely Carl Stanley for providing his top tips on how to recreate our occasionwear hair and make up!

Carl in action

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