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The Great Gatsby is the latest release from theatrical director Baz Lurhmann. Adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel and often classed as impossible to bring to the big screen – Gatsby fever is certainly sweeping the fashion stores.

What is it about 1920’s that we ladies love so much? It was an era of mix for fashion, between the masculine look on women and the flirty fun swing of razzmatazz.  Lurhmann’s film brings us both in the delectable costumes of its leading ladies.

Let’s start with the love of The Great Gatsby himself – Daisy Buchanan

Played by the beautiful doe eyed Carey Mulligan, Daisy really does have the most amazing outfits. We first meet her in the middle of the afternoon wearing the most fabulous evening gown, shimmering with pearls around her neck, cute hair slide and an enormous glittering wedding ring. Her character is of lost love, sweet yet not innocent, Daisy is the epitome of feminine and her clothes reflect that.

carey-mulligan-in-the-great-gatsby-www standard co uk

This particular dress above encompasses not only the era it’s representing but also
hints of the modern and flare. All her costumes were designed by Prada and
inspiration was used from Prada’s previous collections.

daisy sketch

In this sketch you can see the full outfit and just how divine it is, with the lace and flowing lapels on the skirt – not only adding movement but a real femininity to the dress.

Myrtle Wilson is Daisy’s husband’s mistress and played brilliantly by Isla Fisher. She is just full of elaborate costumes, mostly red to indicate her passionate and fiery character. This is shown quite strongly in many of her scenes in the film and in the image below we can see the flamenco influence of her clothing with the ruffles and layers.

myrtle imdb

Accessorised with head scarf and giant bangles, Myrtle is very much a different style of the 1920’s.

Finally we come to the character of Jordan Baker, a sportswoman who really displays the more masculine styling of the era. She is often seen in the films wearing long dresses that cling to her tall tiny frame; however her day wear is more flowing trousers and lengthvests. As you can see here:

www imdb com -cropped image

This is a classic example of masculine 1920’s fashion with the pants, silky in their material to match the vest and the deep v neck line to show the chest while still keeping it hidden and discreet – a big contrast to Myrtle above. This look empowered women in the 20’s as they started to make their statement in a very much man’s world.

The best thing about seeing films like this is then finding the fashion for us outside the big screen, recreating the era and of course Fever has a great variety of options.

Nothing screams Great Gatsby more than the Fellini Prom Dress, a hugely popular dress from their AW12 collection but trust me there is no better time to buy it than now. This dress is divine with its embroidered gold thread creating the most fabulous art deco pattern over its body, along with a soft silk feel and petticoat underlay – this is the 1920’s party frock for the season.


If wanting to recreate Myrtle vampish look then the Bella Dress in Red/Black would be perfect. This deep v neck lined dress with figure hugging skirt just needs a head scarf, oversized corsage and big bangles.

Bella dress_Red_Black

For the more tailored look why not pair the Rowland Shirt in Cream with the Anderson Trousers in Navy.


Add in some long length pearls and a hair slide for the 20’s look with a modern twist.

Take Care

I Heart Films Girl


Image credits
Daisy Buchanan –
Daisy Buchanan sketch – author’s own
Myrtle Wilson -  cropped image from
Jordan Baker – cropped image from

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