Why I Love Vintage by Tigerlilly Quinn

As a child my parents rarely ever bought anything new, our clothes were hand-me-downs or charity shop bargains. As a baby I wore sixties knitwear as a child I wore bright seventies pinafores, matched with fantastic hats with veils (my choice) I had found for 10p amongst the treasures of the local Oxfam shop. It wasn't until I was well established in school did I realise that for most other kids wearing clothes that are not new wasn't very cool. From secondary school onwards when I was allowed to choose my own clothes I tried desperately to follow what everyone else was wearing. If you were of secondary school age in the late nineties you will know this was mainly sportwear..as many brand names the better. My parents were not accommodating with my new found love of tracksuits and baseball caps and so I was always that kid that tried to hard to look like everyone else but just didnt get it right.



Fast forward a good few years and the end of school and a new found confidence to dress as I wanted to, I still made mistakes..big ones. When highwaisted shorts and trousers were in fashion? I went out and bought them, they made me look like I had no stomach but wore them. When I went to university I wore converse's with heels after seeing them at 'The Clothes Show'..there have been many many fashion mistakes in my time. I would say it wasn't until the last year of university until I realised just because things were 'in' it really didn't mean they would look good, especially if they were designed for a figure unlike mine.


The realisation that I should dress to flatter my figure was a big one. I worked out my body shape and what cuts would accentuate the good parts and hide the bad. It was around this time I found a fifties dress in a charity shop, the perfect fit. I began to shop for vintage again, like my parents dressed me in back when it was not so cool. I realised that the era that works for me in fifties (with a little sixties) and that dresses suit me far better than trousers. From then on I bought sparingly, paying little attention to what style was new as I knew what worked for me and would stick with that. I paid extra for vintage dresses as I knew they were made well and would forever be classic. My vintage collection is small but I know that each and every piece is right for me and my body shape.




It was around this time (after finishing university) that I returned home to work in my local boutique. It was working there that I first discovered Fever London and the start of my love for their clothes, if you were to look though my wardrobe I think you would easily find about 40% of it is made purely of Fever pieces. Fever's fifties style pieces are the perfect fit for my body shape.


From trying on that first Fever dress and realising that it fit me just as well as the fifties dresses (better actually as I know they will consistently fit) Fever will always be a favourite brand of mine. They are my go to brand if I need a dress for an occasion and I know it will fit and suit my style.


Guest Blog Post by Fritha Strickland. Check out her blog at - http://tigerlillyquinn.blogspot.co.uk/

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