Never Silent in Fashion

The film that has been blowing everyone's minds so far this year is The Artist. The beautifully stunning, silent movie from the mind of director, Michel Hazanvicius. Already receiving Golden Globe awards and Bafta nominations, it has just been announced that it's been nominated for 9 Oscars as well.

As much as we love the film and could rave about it for hours, we want to talk about the fashion! Set in the late 1920's The Artist features some beautiful clothes, styles, fabrics and all without showing a hint of colour. Masterful.

Truly echoing the razzle dazzle era of Hollywood, we see drapping fabrics, high necklines, tubular shapes and slits in the skirts.

1920's Fashion

Boyish shapes and masculine clothes were becoming more popular for women during this time, as were  bob hair styles and cloche hats. The era had the element of fun and playfulness and, as anyone who has seen the film will know, this is shown throughout the whole of Peppy Miller's wardrobe. She shimmies and shakes in simple lounge-wear style dresses and fitted, sequin, deep V neck frocks.

We wanted to re-create one of Peppy's looks using our own vintage sample and jewellery.

What do you think? Perfect for creating the Peppy Miller look.

Lace and Pearls can never be wrong!

Visit the cinema now to see The Artist, a beautiful film with fabulous fashion.

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