In Celebration of Dolly Clackett!

Dolly Clackett's wardrobe in pictures

Since throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into twitter, we have met the fabulous Dolly Clackett. A blogger with a passion for 1940s / 1950s fashion and a strong sense of style, we thoroughly enjoy checking her blog to see her latest ensemble. Roisin Muldoon (aka Dolly Clackett) blogs about pretty dresses and shoes, silly TV shows, the things she attempts to make and her life in Leamington Spa.

Here is a selection of our favourite Fever looks, modeled by Miss DC on her blog, 'But it can't be from Dolly Clackett, she gave me an Easter egg' 

Dolly Clacket Fever Spotty Shift Dress

Fever Spotty Shift Dress and Fez Bolero

Dolly Clackett Fever Maisy Dress and Fez Bolero

Fever Maisy Dress and Fez Bolero

Dolly Clackett Fever Matoid Pencil dress

Fever Matoid Pencil Dress

Dolly Clackett Fever Pansy Spot Dress

Fever Pansy Spot Dress

Dolly Clackett Fever Hetty Dress

Fever Hetty Dress

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