Review from the author of Useful Things Beautiful Things

The author of   Useful Things Beautiful Things has reviewed the Spring Summer collection, advising where to wear her favourite styles.

'Have nothing... that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful'

Oh how we agree with that!

Here's what she thinks of Fever's Spring Summer collection. Part one covers what to wear at the the office, on a date and going shopping...


For the office

The eternal dilemma of the working woman with a passion for fashion, is how to be taken seriously & look professional but still remain on trend.

Your problems are solved, read on…

Olive Dress in Blue

There’s so much to love about this dress… The colour is flattering to everyone, no matter what their age or skin tone.  The buttons add a touch of luxe & the sharp shoulders are a nod to current fashions. Perhaps most importantly of all, the tailoring will flatter your curves yet conceal lumpy bits.

Wear it with...

Chiffon Fez in black


Chelsea Bracelet

 Add black court shoes for day then swap for strappy, metallic sandals at night.

Tijuana Shift Dress

I know what you’re thinking – isn’t this a bit bright for the office?

Definitely not!  The vibrant colours will lift your spirits when the weekend seems a dim & distant memory. It’s versatile enough to be worn on so many other occasions too – on holiday, out to lunch. Those dark panels at the sides and the waist will give you an instant waist and instantly take ten pounds off.  What’s not to love?

Wear with the long sleeve fez and black court shoes by day then change the shoes for black sandals at night or less formal occasions.

On a date

What woman hasn’t worried about this?  How to look sexy and pretty without being too… you know… obvious.

Watercolour Bustier Dress


Wow!  You’ll knock him dead wearing this.  The understated print stops it from being too in-your-face whilst the silhouette is va, va voom!  A nice contrast.

Wear with

Alexandra Necklace

 And pink or blue shoes, then go get ‘im girl!

Honeysuckle Dress

This sweet, subtly sexy dress says soft candlelight, romance and whispered promises.

Wear it with...

Shell Charm Necklace

And shoes of a darker, neutral shade like heather grey.

Be prepared for proposals of marriage wearing this outfit.

To go shopping

A tricky one here.  You need something that’s easy to slip on and off but will remind you of how good you can look when you’ve tried on twenty unsuitable things and you’re starting to feel a bit depressed.  And that will look fabulous afterwards when you’re sitting in a café sipping coffee replenishing your strength.

Hermosa Jersey Dress

It’s easy to slip over your head, the colour will make you look healthy under the harsh fitting room lights and the cut will remind you that in spite of all the horrors you’ve just tried on, you actually have rather a good figure.

Keep your shoes simple & comfortable and your accessories to a minimum so as not to snag when you’re trying things on.

If you’re shopping for separates, it’s best to wear separates so that you only have to take one item off at a time.

Orchard Blouse


Cindy Trouser

You’ll be able to see whether the items you’re trying on will work with your existing wardrobe.  And you’ll be able to relax knowing that whilst other shoppers look hot and bothered, you’ll look cool and sophisticated.

Again, keep shoes and accessories simple.

Part two to follow!

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