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Leen De Mulder

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Leen lives in a young  and creative city called Ghent in Belgium, where she works as an art tutor. Besides her love for art nouveau and retro furniture, she absolutely adores vintage inspired dresses. She discovered FEVER London last year in a beautiful little shop in Ghent, where she got her very first piece:  a black wintercoat with a delicate green lining… and she’s loving it! As everyone she’s looking forward to spring and summertime… to get her summer dresses out of the closet.


Tonga Sun Dress

My number 1: Tonga sundress

Ladies and gentlemen: I’m in love with the Tonga sundress and it’s beautiful flower print. Just by looking at it I can feel the sun shining on my skin. I would wear it with brown leather sandals, while having a summer bbq with friends at the park.

Menorca Dress

Nr 2: Menorca dress (navy)

The Menorca dress is an absolute number two! The fabric and shape of the dress is wonderful. I see myself in it having cocktails on the beach, maybe with black leggings underneath in the evenings.

Orchard Ruffle Dress

Nr 3: Orchard ruffle sleeve dress

I would wear this elegant dress on a spring/summer evening with an ink blue long sleeve fez and a pair of ballerina flat shoes. The name ‘orchard’  is perfect for it, as it is so nature inspired. Where’s my wooden brooch?

Laurent Spot Dress

Nr 4: Laurent spot dress

It’s not easy to find a professional but still colourful look that is me. A reception with work colleges, an important art exhibition,… what to wear?  I would wear the Laurent spot dress and a pair of high heel shoes I would feel very confident.

Oahu Blouse

Nr 5: Ohao Blouse (white)

I love the colours and shape of this blouse, worn with a pair of jeans or brown trousers… casual chic!

Honeysuckle Dress

Nr 6: Honeyshuckle dress (midnight blue)

A dress that tastes as sweet as honey to me! I love the colour midnight blue, although the nude colour is really romantic too. Darling, let’s have a candle lit dinner?

Molly Dress

Nr 7: Molly dress (cream)

This simple dress reminds me of old times, black and white movies and tea parties. In this one I’d love to meet my girlfriends in town for a coffee and some shopping.

Tijuana Skirt

Nr 8: Tijuana skirt

This skirt screams fun fun fun ! I would wear it with a black shirt and vintage boots.

Escala Prom Dress

Nr 9: Escala prom dress

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to look like a princess? I’m sure this dress would do the trick for me. In this dress I’m sure to receive loads of compliments. Please no pictures!

Monaco Dress

Nr 10: Monaco dress (spearmint)

Last but not least: this simple, sporty dress that seems really comfortable to me. An essential every day piece that could not disappoint.

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