1940s Vintage Dresses Get a Modern Makeover

  The 1940s was a wonderful time for women’s clothing, showcasing femininity and flair.  A 1940s vintage dress has beautiful detailing and a timeless shape that looks great on any body size and shape.  These dresses were slim fitting, but not tight, with beautiful necklines and flowing materials that work wonderfully for night-time affairs.  The vintage look of the 1940s is sexy as well as glamorous, and coveted by movie stars, royalty, and fashionistas alike.  Less formal 1940s attire includes more casual dresses that have a fuller skirt but are no less beautiful.  Fun patterns complete the vintage style that can be worn during the day.

Fever’s vintage-inspired dresses are great for work or evening.  We take a vintage dress style and add a modern flair, creating a unique and highly sought-after style that is timeless.  Many of our dresses are elegant enough to be worn at the prom.  Vintage prom dresses will make heads spin because they are unique and stunning.  There will be no concerns that someone else has the same dress when wearing a vintage-inspired prom dress from Fever.

With vintage dresses that have a contemporary edge, Fever is taking the fashion industry by storm.  Our 1940s vintage-inspired dresses are one of our most popular clothing items.  Paired with classic accessories, vintage dresses become a timeless fashion trend that will be a wardrobe staple year after year.  Fever only uses quality materials in their clothing, making it possible for a 1940s vintage dress to become timeless.

Fever launched in 1996 and opened its first store in 2004.  It now has two shops in London, one in Clapham Old Town and the other in the West End.  Fever also supplies a number of independent retailers throughout America, Australia, Britain, Canada and Ireland.  Fever also sells vintage dresses online, making this spectacular style available worldwide..
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